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ShrieksVille, Pleasure Island, Cleethorpes


Studios East Ltd teamed up with Seton Animation to build a ghost train making use of an existing track system which had stood dormant for five years. New stud walls were added to create a pre-show walk round area plus a new station and various new themed sets within the ride itself. Visitors enter the attraction via a new themed facade and begin their journey on foot through a queue line with spooky portraits hanging from the cracked plaster walls. They then pass the great hall where a ghostly figure turns to face them and plays haunting music on a huge organ. Many new animated figures include ghosts, ghouls, zombies, witches, spiders, werewolves and beasts which are all positioned to create the biggest shocks. The main ride is art-worked with ultra violet paints to add an extra, eerie element. This is a classic example of how a tired old ride can be brought back to life and relaunched as a brand new attraction in a very cost effective manner.

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